Who are we?

Schafer Versicherungen AG is an independent insurance services company specialising in risk management, insurance advice and occupational pension schemes. We are officially registered (FINMA 10513) to offer brokerage services within the meaning of the Swiss Insurance Oversight Act.

We have been operating successfully as a family-owned business since 1992. Our clients include Swiss companies from the service, trade and industry sectors as well as public authorities.

People and their well-being take priority for us. Every single one of our clients is different in terms of their interests, ideologies and moral concepts. We regard a company as an individual whose needs can only be satisfied with tailored services.

With a good dose of common sense and a professional approach, we come up with the best risk and insurance plan for our clients. We are always totally committed and put all our heart into everything we do, because this is the only way to justify people’s trust in us.

Find out for yourself in a non-binding initial consultation: as equals, personal and of course free.

We look forward to hearing from you !