What we do

Our services are tailored fully to your needs: from solutions for specific branches right through to the management of your complete insurance portfolio: the choice is yours.

Insurance trust

Our insurance trust offer gives you the benefits of a full service:
from simple information about an insurance, tendering your contracts, right through to a check of all documents, we are your only contact and pledge to always give our best to satisfy your needs.

Administrative relief
Administrative relief

Administrative work can be tedious and boring. But it doesn’t have to be!
Let us take care of this work, our team will free you of this burden and ensure a full documentation of all steps

Legal advice
Legal advice

Legal questions and problems are usually never too far from people’s minds when dealing with insurances and risks:

No matter whether you have to draft some general terms and conditions of business, check the conformity of customer agreements or deal with labour disputes, our legal partners are here to help you.

Premium-benefits ratio
Premium / benefits ratio

There are well over 50 insurance companies in Switzerland, all of them with different products and premiums. Finding the right insurance solution for the best price with a reliable partner is often a daunting and confusing task.

As an independent insurance broker, we work with all of the top-name insurance companies in Switzerland.

Are you looking for someone to review your insurance portfolio to identify any potential for optimisation?

We will be happy to help!

Claims management
Claims management

Reporting a claim or loss is sometimes awkward. Things become even more troublesome if the parties concerned have to fight to get the insurance benefits they are entitled to.

Why not leave this work up to our specialists: thanks to our many years of experience, we know the pitfalls of reporting a loss and will get the best result for you. Leaving you to enjoy the more pleasant things in life.

Would you like to report a loss, but are not a Schafer client? No problem, you can still count on our support.

Report a loss

Risk management
Risk management

Being involved in the business world means taking and coming to terms with risks.

Successful executives don’t simply accept risks, they manage them expertly. For us, this means identifying potential problems before they arise. And this is precisely where we want to help you in whichever way possible.